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Are you a victim of a stockbroker or brokerage or investment company gone bad? Did you lose money in investments you thought were safe because your advisor failed to tell you about the risks? Were you taken for a ride?

Our attorneys represent individual investors who were burned in dealings with investment companies. Broker misconduct is common, despite the efforts of the brokerage industry to self-police. Every day, stockbrokers, planners, and other financial professionals defraud investors.

Unlike some law firms, we do not work for the other side, ever. You won’t find us representing the brokerages. We fight for the individual. Our track record in the industry is excellent. And we have been at this for years. Some law firms just jumped on the investment law bandwagon since the 2000 stock market crash, but we have been around through the ups and downs.

Check out your stockbroker from our list of recent NASD enforcement actions.

Our experienced securities lawyers created this website to help you understand your rights and legal options. While you can learn some of the basics at this site, you need to speak to an attorney before pursuing a claim. Disputes are resolved in arbitrations rather than civil courts in most cases, but the investor still benefits by having a lawyer prepare his or her case. Studies have shown that investors recover more money when they use a lawyer.

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